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Ultimate Villains

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Ultimate Villains 120ml shortfill 


The Big Bossman - Roasted nuts, banana milk & honey - Freshly roasted nuts, creamy banana milk and sweet honey mixed for the Big Bossmans secret stash.

Death Wish - classic sugary shortbread biscuit - Our classic sugary shortbread flavour is enough to tempt even the biggest villain. Try it now! Or do you have a death wish?

Doctor Dread - fresh blackcurrant & deep red cherry - Fresh blackcurrants with a blast of ice and a devilish helping of deep red cherries that will tempt Doctor Dream himself.

Evil Queen - mixed raspberries, huckleberry & eucalyptus - At The Evil Queen’s request this concoction was created. Juicy mixed raspberries, huckleberries and a hint of eucalyptus and anise.

Madame Chaos - fresh lemonade, ripe raspberries & anise - Fresh lemonade, ripe raspberries, a hint of anise and the tears of the innocent twisted together to create ultimate chaos.

Toxic Mask - sweet apple, juicy mango & anise- Sweet apple and juicy mango with anise kick in the teeth, dealt by the toxic mask and his minions to provide pure insanity in flavour.